We offer instant help for your life science projects.

  • Christian Hucke

    "Optimized planning and execution of development programs and clinical studies are key success factors for reaching decision points in a cost-effective and timely manner. I can support you at that."

    Christian Hucke

    Project Management, Clinical Operations and Quality Risk Management

  • Christian Wolf

    "Liaising with Conelis’ experts is an easy way for all of you working in pharma and devices to gain access to top-of-field consultants, right when you need them."

    Christian Wolf

    Business Development, Clinical Development, Due Diligence, Interim Management, Medical Affairs, R&D Strategies

  • Jens Hoffmann

    "What needs to be done in Preclinical Pharmacology and Oncology? We can help with our expertise from 20 years and more than 100 projects."

    Jens Hoffmann

    Preclinical Development, R&D Strategies

  • Anke Maaßen

    "The compliance to the IVD regulation (EU) 2017/746 is challenging – we can support you."

    Anke Maaßen

    In Vitro Diagnostics

  • Moritz Hillgenberg

    "Opportunity assessment is not just about a sales forecast - it’s about delivering an in-depth understanding of the complex environment into which your product will launch and about helping to shape a sound strategy to make it reach its full potential."

    Moritz Hillgenberg

    Commercial Assessment, Market Research