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None- and Early Clinical Development, R&D Strategies, Scientific and Medical Writing

CONELIS expert Hans Hendriks

Consultant, Hendriks Pharmaceutical Consulting

Purmerend, The Netherlands

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  • Design and project management of anticancer drug development programmes
  • Scientific and medical writing

About Me

Hans Hendriks, Ph.D., held positions in Cell Biology and Immunology at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). After 17 years he joined the New Drug Development Office (now part of INC Research), Europe’s foremost oncology Contract Research Organisation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), gaining 12 years experience leading international drug discovery and development collaborations. In addition, he served in various drug development and drug evaluation committees of the EORTC, Cancer Research UK and US National Cancer Institute, and held for 8 years a position in the Executive Board of the EORTC Biological Therapeutics Development Group.

He established Hendriks Pharmaceutical Consulting January 2000, an independent consultancy company providing services to SMEs and biotechs in Oncology R&D. He is co-founder of the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF, formerly knowns as Biot

He was successful in bringing the telomere targeting agent KML001 from early stage preclinical research to Phase I clinical studies (CCR 2008;14:4593-602) and is co-inventor of a US patent application (2009).



Postdoc Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 1983-1985
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, PhD Sciences, 1974–1981
Universiteit van Amsterdam, MSc Biology, 1968–1974


17 years academic research and teaching in Cell Biology and Immunology
12 years preclinical R&D at oncology CRO
since 2000 independent consultant

Areas of Expertise:

Non- and Early Clinical Development, R&D Strategies, Scientific and Medical Writing



  • German biotech, 2016-present: consulting services anticancer drug discovery
  • Leading global health care company in Germany, 2013-2014: scientific consultancy and assistance for non-clinical development of future therapeutic agents
  • German biopharmaceutical company, 2012-2013: preclinical development strategy anticancer drug development
  • Apios, Japan, 2007-present: search potential licensees for anticancer drugs in preclinical stage
  • Komipharm, Korea and Rephartox, The Netherlands, 2001-2007: design, execution and project management of discovery and development arsenic anticancer compound KML001

Scientific & Medical Writing

  • CDDF 2107: report meeting on Innovation in Oncology Clinical Trial Design
  • Co-author on paper in Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxocology (2017) on efficacy, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of apaziquone in the treatment of non-invassive bladder cancer
  • First author of paper in British Journal of Cancer (2017) on Pharmacologically directed strategies in anticancer drug development
  • German Biotech 2017: advice on website
  • Preclinical CRO, 2015-2016: report writing efficacy studies oncology drugs
  • German Biotech, 2015: adaptation Investigator's Brochure oncology drug
  • German global Health company 2014: modification draft manuscript on research project and assistance non-clinical development future therapeutic agents
  • German University, 2013: co-editing paper for Molecular Cancer Therapeutics


  • Secretariat to Board Biotherapy Development Association, Germany, April 2011-March 2012 and organisation BDA workshops, particularly Paediatric Oncology Workshop, London, 5-6 December 2011
  • UPMC, France, December 2009 – March 2010: advice and assistance in financial completion FP6 CompuVac project
  • PMC, France, June 2008- October 2009: Administrative Manager, FP6 CompuVac project

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