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Category: Press Releases 27 February 2020

Richmond Research Institute launches to empower improved safety and discovery of medicines

Richmond Pharmacology Ltd has officially launched its dedicated not-for-profit research institute to bring together academic institutions and scientific experts with a mission to advance the safety and discovery of medicinal products.

The Richmond Research Institute (RRI) addresses an unmet scientific need to explore the potential of new medicines, determine the safety of existing medicinal products, and drive discoveries to underpin personalised medicinal approaches.

Having arisen in collaboration with St George’s University of London, UK, the RRI now has strong academic partnerships with other leading academic institutions including Kings College London, UK, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark, and Toho University, Japan, among others.

The institute is headed by Dr Jorg Taubel who has worked in clinical pharmacology for over 24 years and has authored over 50 publications in scientific journals.

"The RRI reinforces our commitment to help scientists and regulators gain a mechanistic insight into the effects of different medicines to develop better and safer pharmaceutical products,” says Jorg Taubel, founder of the RRI.

The institute’s main research interests span four dedicated streams: cardiac health, clinical trial designs and methodologies, hepatology, and ethnic/sex differences in physiology and drug response.

The RRI is committed to producing high-quality academic research, nurturing partnership projects and regularly sharing its findings with the research community through seminars and webinars.

To mark the launch, the RRI and RPL are inviting budding researchers to join its upcoming events.