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European Epidemiological Forum

8 October 2019 – Barcelona

New Approaches to Drugs Value Demonstration in the Age of Big Data - Anatomy of a Paradigm Shift is the focus of the 9th European Epidemiological Forum.

“In God we trust. All others must bring data” - W. Deming

With the development of advanced medical therapies, for targeted or orphan diseases, the need for data generation has never been more important. Payers, HTA bodies and Decision Makers increasingly need evidence beyond Randomized Clinical trials (RCT), an artificial if rigorous way to demonstrate causality.

The real questions are: what is like to bring the evidence needed? Can RWE be label enabling? How to implement this approach in the lifecycle of a product?

Recent advances and perspectives in this field will be shared during the meeting, with an emphasis on practical aspects and how-tos. Payers, health economists, pharmaceutical physicians, trialists and regulators will share their knowledge with practical examples triggering engaging discussions and guiding participants’ efforts in the jungle of methods, designs and analyses that are now available.

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