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Cardiac Safety Conference

Date: May 20th, Wednesday
Location: online event

In celebration of the World Clinical Trials Day, the RRI and RPL are proud to host a Cardiac Safety Conference to discuss emerging drug development programmes. The event will discuss new insights into improved patient outcomes, efficiency and cost effectiveness of global drug development.

We are delighted to welcome expert speakers including:

  • Professor John Camm, St George’s University of London
  • Professor Atsushi Siguyama, Toho University
  • Dr Jorg Taubel, RRI and RPL
  • Dr Fabio Badilini, AMPS, New York
  • Dr Krishna Prasad, MHRA, London
  • Boaz Mendzelevski, Cardiac Safety Consultants
  • Georg Ferber, Statistik Georg Ferber GmbH

This is an online event, to express an interest in this event or to learn more details please contact Jack Wilmott on Turn on Javascript!

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