Nils Matzen

Interim Management

CONELIS expert Nils Matzen

General Manager, NiSiPharm GmbH

Unterschleißheim, Germany

German, English, French (basics)

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  • Local, European and global commercial management and general management, business representation for companies from outside Germany, building up their operations until transition to a subsidiary status.
  • Project planning and implementation for successful product launches (D, EU and world wide)
  • Business re-engineering and establishing organisations, including change management.
  • Interimmanagement of local, European, and global commercial projects.

About Me

Following over 25 years of experience as managing director and marketing and sales manager in global pharmaceutical corporations as well as in biotech companies (GSK, Chiron, Novartis V&D, and Fresenius Biotech), Nils co-founded the NiSiPharm GmbH, supporting pharmaceutical/biotech companies in the commercialization of their products with customer-specific strategic consultation, successful interim management and innovative pharmaceutical management solutions. Nils has operative experience, covering most indications, including vaccines, in the following key commercial areas:

  • General management
  • Head of marketing, national and international: Rx, DtC, OtC
  • Head of marketing and sales
  • Commercial management world wide
  • Product management, national and international
  • Business Development
  • Pharmapolitics
  • European distribution agreements and distributor management
  • Head of international/global launch teams


Various management functions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry


Dipl. Biol.
Dr. rer. nat.


Managing Director of NiSiPharm GmbH
(Interim) Head of global commercial operations for the world wide launch of a mAB in oncology (Fresenius Biotech)
Head of commercial operations in D-A-CH (Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics)
Head of commercial operations Germany (Chiron Vaccines)
VP and Director Business Unit vaccines and e-business (GSK)
General Manager and Marketing Director (SmithKline Beecham)
Various functions in regulatory affairs, clinical research, medical information, product management, sales management.

Areas of Expertise:

Interim Management


A selection of typical assignments:

  • Project planning for the European launch of an EMA approved mAB for a biotech company
  • Global commercial interim management for a biotech company
  • Contracting in and management of distributors in Scandinavia, EEC, Turkey, Israel, and Arabia for a German biotech company
  • Business Planning and launch preparations for an innovative vaccine in Germany
  • Exploratory market research, business planning, building the commercial orgnization and their transition into a subsidiary for an US based company offering an innovative service for personalzied chemotherapy in Germany
  • Business re-engineering for a German, privately owned OTC and Rx pharmaceutical company
  • Outsourced commercial management in Germany for an external generic company
  • Consultancy for a German wholesaler and mail-order pharmacy
  • Pharmapolitical consultancy for an EMA approved, innovative vaccine with the aim to be recommended for use in Germany
  • Launch planning and sales force training for a secondary care cardiovascular product from an US based company
  • Supply chain planning and management for an oncological biotech product